Buckwheat Pasta Warm Salad

Hi everyone, this is a really simple recipe that does not take very long, gives you a pasta fix but is still gluten free without all those starches I don’t really like in your usual gluten free pastas.


  • 1 Packet San Remo Buckwheat Pasta (You may have other brands you prefer but this is one I use as all it has in it is the Buckwheat and holds together well.  They also do other gluten free pastas made from lentils & beans)
  • Lightly Steamed Vegetables (my usual go to is 1 head of broccoli, peas, cauliflower, green beans and only steam a little as you want them still a little crunchy)
  • Pre pan/oven toasted seed collection (sunflower seeds, pumpkin, sesame & linseed) or if doing for the first time, get a selection of, organic if possible and pop into a frying pan and dry roast, making sure doesn’t scorch or burn – has happened to me to frequently and I end up with smoky flavoured seeds, not so tasty – just long enough to go a little brown and crunchy)
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Seasoning to taste
  • Anchovies (if you like the taste); sun dried tomatoes also optional
  • Hard boiled eggs cut in quarters
  • garden fresh herbs if you have them like parsley

Just follow instructions on box with the pasta and when cooked, drain and put into large salad serving bowl and liberally add olive oil, a couple of tablespoons of seeds and stir.  Add in the freshly steamed vegetables and add eggs lastly  add the freshly chopped parsley.

Emotional Freedom Technique sequence and tapping points

Some of you have wanted an online version of the handout so here it is.

Basic recipe, technique & tapping sequence


Use two fingers (index and middle) of the dominant hand for tapping. You may tap either side of your body for any point. Tap fairly rapidly, approx. 7 times or so in 3 seconds. Remember it is tapping, not hitting – no force needed.

The Basic Recipe

Identify the issue

Start by identifying the issue you would like to work on. Be sure you are only targeting one issue at a time, trying to combine issues in the process will compromise your results.

Rate the Distress

In order to measure progress, tune into the problem and rate your distress from 0 to 10, where 0 is no problem and 10 is the greatest intensity.

Example: the intensity of your head or back ache, or the intensity of any emotion – fear, anger, sadness etc

The Setup


Rub the sore spot while you repeat the setup phrase three times (most effective)


Tap the Karate Chop (KC) point while you repeat the setup phrase three times (easier)

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 4.34.31 pm

The Setup Phrase

Either massaging your “sore spot” or by tapping your “karate chop point”, say three times…
Even though I have this (insert problem here)______________ , I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

The Sequence

While repeating a word or so as a reminder of the problem [reminder phrase], e.g. ‘headache/scared’, tap on each point approximately 7 times each, starting from the top of head point, in the order they appear down the body [refer to diagram].

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 4.35.56 pm

  1. Top of the Head (TOH)
  2. Beginning of the Eyebrow (EB)
  3. On the bone bordering the outside corner of the Eye (SE)
  4. On the bone under the Eye (UE)
  5. Under the Nose (UN)
  6. Chin Point (CH) – midway between the point of your chin and the bottom of your lower lip
  7. Beginning of the Collarbone (CB)
  8. Under the Arm (UA) on the side of your body, about 10cm below the armpit
  9. The below nipple point (BN)
  10. Outside of the thumb by base of nail
  11. Index finger side, by base of the nail
  12. Middle finger side, by base of the nail
  13. Little finger side, by base of the nail
  14. Katate chop point (KP)

Do the ‘9 Gamut Process’ – Optional but helpful to engage both sides of the brain in the first round of tapping

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 4.37.48 pm

While facing forward and keeping your head still, tap the Gamut point continuously while performing the following nine actions & repeating reminder phrase/word:

  1. Eyes closed.
  2. Eyes open.
  3. Eyes hard down right while holding the head steady.
  4. Eyes hard down left while holding the head steady.
  5. Roll your eyes in a circle as though your nose was at the center of a clock and you were trying to see all the numbers in order.
  6. Same as the previous step, but roll your eyes the other direction.
  7. Hum 2 seconds of a song (any song will do, but I often use Happy Birthday).*
  8. Count rapidly from 1 to 5.
  9. Hum 2 seconds of a song again.

Post- first round tapping

Rate any remaining distress

Repeat sequence 1-14 [you can omit the Gamut point sequence] if rating went down but still above a two.  Do more rounds of tapping, adjusting the wording appropriately (e.g. “even though I still feel a bit sad or I have this remaining sadness, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”)

Stop when you feel relief & where as close to 0 as possible and ready to move on.

The information and diagrams have been sourced and adapted from the official EFT website https://www.emofree.com


….and just because it’s fascinating

Points and their correlated TCM points

EB – (Eyebrow) – Bladder – Trauma, Frustration, Restlessness

SE – (Side of Eye) – Gall Bladder – Rage

UE – (Under Eye) – Stomach – Anxiety/fear, Nervousness, Craving

UN – (Under Nose) – Governing Vessel – Embarrassment

UL – (Under Lip) – Central Vessel – Shame

CB – (Collar Bone) – Kidney – Anxiety, Insecurity

UA – (Under Arm) – Spleen – Anxiety, Fear of Future, Self Esteem

BN – (Beneath Nipple) – Liver – Unhappiness


The Nine Gamut

TH – (Thumb) – Lung – Grief, Intolerance, Arrogance

IF – (Index Finger) – Large Intestine – Guilt

MF – (Middle Finger) – Circulation – Sex, Jealousy, Addictive Cravings

LF – (Little Finger) – Heart – Anger

SH – (Side Of Hand), or …  sometimes

KC – (Karate Chop) – Small Intestine – Sadness, Reversals


Reference: Acupressure Points and their Related Feelings John Diamond, M.D.

Heart based approach to the big questions of life direction

Back in 2003 an Adelaide Esoteric Astrologer (and much more besides) by the name of Elia Laurikainen suggested that I could ask myself the following questions. They became a way to refocus my own work and soul direction at the time. I have needed to revisit these questions over the years and find myself using them again now as a way to reframe and navigate how to live my passions and share them with others in a different way .

Here they are:

  •            What is my soul trying to get through?
  •            What is it that the world needs or what can I give to the world?
  •             What in the world calls to my heart?
  •             What do you feel moved to help in, give or serve
  •             What is my gift to the world?

Exploring these answers  in a journal or using a vision board can be wonderfully illuminating and you can add the following questions to further explore your gifts

3 leaf rain drop

Ask yourself “What is my gift to the world?”

  1. Write down all the things that have lifted you up or given you inspiration, filled you with passion.
  2. Write down the things that have come easily to you, those things you do with ease – they may not be conventional skills, it may be a state of being.  Mine for example includes reading and sensing energy; empathy; love of learning, sharing and synthesizing knowledge, systems thinking.
  3. What are the recurring patterns in your passions or interests
  4. Ask yourself how can these be of service to others

There is a lovely quote by Mother Theresa that goes

“It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love is put in the giving.”

Many people are wanting to live more authentically and feel that what they do or how they live, is more aligned with their own hearts passions as well as being of benefit to the wider community or the planet.  I like my intuitive processes to have a practical expression and so I love activities like this.  You can also use automatic writing and see what you come up with.

4 lotus flower1

My Wellness Blog

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my blog and being part of sharing the wellness journey.   I will be sharing some of my own wellness strategies and resources, my seasonal garden edibles and of course recipes that are wholesome, dairy and gluten free and generally easy to make – well in theory anyway.