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Buckwheat Pasta Warm Salad

Hi everyone, this is a really simple recipe that does not take very long, gives you a pasta fix but is still gluten free without all those starches I don’t really like in your usual gluten free pastas. Ingredients 1 Packet San Remo Buckwheat… Continue Reading “Buckwheat Pasta Warm Salad”

Emotional Freedom Technique sequence and tapping points

Some of you have wanted an online version of the handout so here it is. Basic recipe, technique & tapping sequence Technique Use two fingers (index and middle) of the dominant hand for tapping. You may tap either side of your body for any… Continue Reading “Emotional Freedom Technique sequence and tapping points”

Heart based approach to the big questions of life direction

Back in 2003 an Adelaide Esoteric Astrologer (and much more besides) by the name of Elia Laurikainen suggested that I could ask myself the following questions. They became a way to refocus my own work and soul direction at the time. I have needed… Continue Reading “Heart based approach to the big questions of life direction”

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