Resources for SanciaWellness clients:

Places to shop for organic groceries;  fruit and vege

The following  are by no means the only places where you can get good quality organic or whole food products but are just the ones I am blessed with having in my local area.


Have a fantastic selection of vegan, paleo, gluten free breads and products plus so much more.  Stocks the Naturis & Ancient Grains selection of breads that are just the grains or seeds; olive oil and sour dough starter.  They do home deliveries; online and phone orders & fantastic shop with with very helpful staff

I01Organically Grown (Clintons) 85b St Bernards Rd Magill SA    (08) 8364 1699

Beautiful quality vegetables and fruits

  • Norwood Foodland          161-169 The Parade, Norwood SA  Norwood Place

A small but reasonable selection of organic fruit and vege; good quality Australian sourced non organic produce as well as a very good variety of a wide range of organic products.  Love this local supermarket

Places to shop for Organic Meats


  • P & A Organic Meat *** 314 Magill Road Kensington Park SA -is Adelaide’s premium Butcher – check out heir facebook page for their latest specials ect.  It’s the place I get my grain fed soup bones from to make my broths and stock
  • Affordable Organics has a good range of both fresh and frozen organic meat and chicken
  • Norwood Foodland has a small range of both meat and chicken

Places to shop for Sustainable, Planet Friendly Products

  • 71_eco-lateral-2ecolateral 411 Magill Rd St. Morris   08(83333478        They have a fantastic range of planet friendly house hold cleaning products; dehydrators; small range of organic pantry products; cleaning; makeup; sustainable range of portable drink ware – get your reusable takeaway coffee cups there; Compost bins and sooo much more.


  • Affordable Organics has a good range of cleaning products & small range of makeup

Places that Clients  can purchase recommended supplements

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 3.03.59 pm

Bioceuticals Direct Ordering

If you are a client of SanciaWellness, you can purchase your Bioceutical products directly from the Bioceuticals website.

Step1: Go to the Bioceuticals homepage
•    Simply click this link to the Bioceuticals homepage

Step 2: Setup an account
•    Your will now see the Bioceuticals homepage
•    Go to login in the upper right corner
•    You will need to set up an account as a “patient” and use the codeword sanciawellness

Step 3: Select your products.

Metagenics Ordering

  • You can ring them direct giving them a code you are given with your recommendations.
  • Alternatively you will be individually set up to order through Metagenics online from sanciawellness

Practitioner brands can also be available from your local Green Pharmacy or general pharmacy however it is best to ring them first and ask if they stock  Practitioner only products as well as if what has been recommended.



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