General Wellness Strategies

1.  Practice simple daily mindfulness – min 2 minutes – It is just a matter of sitting, bringing your attention to your breath and every time your mind wanders, just gently bring your attention back to your breath. Do without music, just sit, phone off, time out, you are turning up for yourself in this practice. Daily practice will also start to change your cellular responses and quiet the mind.

 46dd47da467bede5e66bc6b2aedf446d--mindfulness-retreat-mindfulness-activitiesshowing up for yourself daily and checking in to see how you feel facilitates increased relaxation, reduces stress, increases awareness as to what you are holding on to or what/who you are giving energy to.  Aps like Smiling Mind can be a good way to introduce yourself to the practice.  This diagram is a working definition from Jon Kabat Zin – check hm out on Youtube

2.  Remember to consciously breathe – during the day just stop! Bring your attention to your  belly and just take a deep breath, putting hands on belly and heart and feel your breath coming in and leaving. Does not have to be for very long just a couple of minutes. It sound simple but it is a very powerful thing that has incremental benefits.

3. Sleep well – This room needs to be relaxing, free from EMF’s, as allergy free as you can get it (so if you are like me and vacuuming is down on your list of priorities, make this the priority room to clean – vacuum a couple of times a week; keep blind and curtains free of dust).  As strange as it may sound washing sheets in a scent free chemical free washing powder/detergent

  • Have the last couple of hours before sleep screen free if possible
  • Ensure no electronic gadgets are on eg no clock radio (you can use mobile phone switched off as an alarm clock.
  • No electric blankets etc,
  • No TV, or other computers, other smart devices left on etc.
  • Use a rocksalt lamp in bedroom
  • spray room with an pure essential oil / Flower Essences spray that can be relaxing and space clearing

4. Gratitude: Daily practice of gratitude. Again keep it simple. You can journal at the end of the day if that is something that resonates with you or images-1saying out loud to self – the things that you are grateful for. Some days it may just be that the sun is shining, that your legs work etc

5. Eat something fresh, vital and whole every day – if you are new to munching out on fruit and vegetables and whole foods in general, start of small and have an apple as a snack or a carrot or celery stick, cut up an avocado squeeze some lemon juice over it and a sprinkle of olive oil .  Add some fresh parsley or other herbs to your food.  Aim for a rainbow coloured vege inclusion in at least one of your daily meals.  The important thing is to make a start.  Once you start to feimages-7el more confident in incorporating more whole foods into your diet you can increase your daily greens; experiment with different types of grains and seed and nut flours; experiment with legumes recipes.  Remember, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when making the shift to cleaner, more whole fresh vital foods – you do not have to do it all at once.  Check my blog for recipe ideas and share yours.

6.  Make incremental changes – it’s the small changes that last.  Just add to your wellness goals bit by bit, day by day.  Do what you can.  When pantry and fridge ingredients run out replace them with a better quality organic/biodynamic version of it for example.

7.  Drink fresh clean pure water – it is amazing how being hydrated with 1.5-2.5 litres of waterfresh purified water.  The water I drink and use when making up remedies/flower essences has been filtered using ‘The Pure Water Shop’ -amazing products.  Not only does the water taste delicious it feels energised as well.  Check them out at  or their shop in Parkside SA

8.  Daily physical activity – preferably outdoors and in a nature filled environment

  • Again start small if you have not been that physically active.
  • Go for a walk during your lunch break
  • park your car a few blocks away from where you would normally park and walk to the bus/train or work place
  • spend 20-40 minutes walking after work – if you can in an environment with trees and clean air, – after or before an appointment for example stop off at Morialta Conservation Park and check out the First Falls and new nature based playground.
  • walk without listening to music, talking on the phone, tune into the sounds around you and sights that you see.

9.  Charge and purify yourself first thing in the morning

  • by drinking 3-400mls of fresh water with lemon juice – If you don’t like cold water first thing – particularly in winter when room temperature is cold – have warm water with the juice of a fresh lemon
  • step outside and do a cycle of deep breaths whilst raising your arms and releasing 10 times.
  • try some simple QiGong or TaiChi exercises to get the blood circulating first thing
  • try this Kinesiology NLK exercise to kick start your auditory perception – gently massage the outer edge of both ears, working your way from top of ears to finish at the lobes – using circular pressure.

10. Go man made chemical and scent free

try the scent free challenge – Try going 1 month perfume and/or after shave free  – for those with an interest as to the possible health challenges that man made perfumes may pose have a look at Kate Grenville’s ‘The Case Against Fragrance’

when your current lot of house hold cleaners, make up, air fresheners, laundry and dish washing liquids/powders; body lotions; shampoos & conditioners just to name a few run out, check out fragrance free, planet friendly varieties.  Look under resources front page for list of just some places that stock and are good sources of information and friendly assistance.



Above all practice conscious kindness – be kind to yourself in thoughts, deeds and actions when conceiving, implementing and sustaining your wellness goals. 

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