Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a simple and highly effective healing tool developed by Gary Craig in the early 1990’s.  EFT works to clear the disruptions in the bodies energy system from non-constructive emotional patterns and restore emotional harmony and offer relief from physical discomfort.  This is done by focusing on the specific problem ‘negative emotional/physical/mental statement’ whilst tapping (“psychological acupressure”) with fingers on the end points of energy meridians.

Because the techniques are so simple, they can be used effectively as a self-help tool, empowering you to actively contribute to your own healing and development process.

Benefits of EFT:

  • Managing or letting go of  Addictions
  • Relief from Panic Attacks
  • Overcoming Phobias & Fears
  • Release Stress & Anxiety
  • Release memories and effects of Trauma/ PTSD
  • Release the effects of Abuse
  • Weight Loss  – clearing underlying emotional/mental issues
  • Overcome Exam Nerves
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Help with Insomnia
  • Pain Management
  • Reprogram old beliefs and patterning

The benefits listed above are only some of the possible benefits.  The link provided is for Gary Craig’s website has some wonderful resources and personal experiences. https://www.emofree.com/

What can I expect:

In an EFT session Jane works with you to identify the issue and the best ‘negative emotional/physical/mental statement’ that is specific to you.  The intensity of the issue/feeling/thought is rated out of 10 and you are then taken through the tapping sequence.  You will be given a copy of the sequence and instructions for how to continue with EFT on your own between appointments.

  • The EFT sequence/handout is also available in Jane’s blog in case you want an online version.


EFT sessions available via Skype or individual one on one sessions and can also be included as part of your SanciaWellness appointment.


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