Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing is a form of energy therapy, or biofield therapy, that is grouped by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) within a subcategory of complementary/alternative (CAM) or integrative therapies. . Included in this subcategory are healing touch, qigong, Reiki, therapeutic touch and polarity therapy (NCCAM 2013).  Intuitive Healing may also be known by the names of spiritual healing, insight healing or biofield therapy.

Intuitive healing,  involves both reading/sensing energy information and healing energy transfer.  Intuitive impressions can be formed from scanning the body or placing hands on the body bringing an understanding and awareness of a clients mental, spiritual, emotional or physical problems or conditions. Intuitive healing focuses on balancing the human body’s energy system on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual layers.

What can I expect

From generally feeling out of sorts to having more specific goals Jane will work with you to identify the core issues and or intention for the healing/energy session.  Jane is able to facilitate your understanding of the underlying messages and can act as an amplifier to your own inner voice and feelings.  Jane does not ‘do’ the healing for you, rather she works with your innate healing capacity and facilitates healing energy. Jane works with you to clear blocked energy, transform old patterns, release past traumas and wounds.


  • feeling more connected and reintegrated
  • relief from anxiety, fear, trauma
  • learn tools for self healing and clearing
  • aura/thought form balancing and clearing
  • sense of peacefulness and balance
  • relief from physical pain








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