Naturopathic Medicine (Naturopathy) is a holistic and natural approach to health and healing that recognizes the integrity of the whole person. Naturopathy represents the “vitalistic” tradition of medicine in  Western tradition.  That is, it works with disease through the stimulation, increase, and support of the person’s inherent healing capacity.  Any recommendations chosen, work then with your vital force, respecting the natural healing processes of nature.

“Naturopathy is a distinct method of healing, underpinned by a philosophical perspective which recognises that all living forms possess a self -regulatory, inherent ability for self-healing. This inherent ability, or Vital Force, operates in an intelligent, orderly fashion. Naturopathic approaches to health care are aimed at supporting and enhancing the body’s own ability to heal itself.”  (Naturopathy National Health Training Package Commonwealth of Australia 2007)

What to expect:

A detailed case history is taken;  initially  you fill out a case history form that is emailed back to Jane before your first appointment.  This provides a solid basis to start from and allows time to discuss and gather all the information needed in order to work with you to develop your wellness goals.

Recommendations usually involve nutritional, lifestyle, homoeopathic and or Flower Essences and herbal intervention, with a strong focus on addressing the underlying and exacerbating causes.  Jane places a strong emphasis in re-establishing the basis for your health and increasing vital force, identifying lifestyle, nutritional issues, mental, emotional or spiritual disharmony that may be continuing obstacles to your health.






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